Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An ipad carrier?

Here are two of my latest thingys.  I started out to make these as little lunch bags but they are also a perfect fit for an ipad!  I have three more to do and then I will create some tote bags.  Great ways to practice free motion embroidery too.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The end of my Stone Wall class???

Here is what I stitched using a needlepoint stitch to create a section of my stone wall. It was really fun to do this. I think the photo shows more contrast than the actual piece. The actual piece looks one of the large stones.

I did skip a section of my assignment as I was to try different stitches with various yarns but my hands won't function to do much needlepoint. When I shared this with a friend, she said stop frustrating myself and move on. I thought about it for two weeks and decided I need to do just that.

This is what I learned, however. Using a stone wall is wonderful inspiration. I would like to teach a painting class using the stone walls of NH. The students would have a wide choice in this area. Why does my hand work well to paint but not stitch? Oh well, I won't be stitching much in the future.

I learned that doing a wax rubbing has a lot of potential for seeing light and dark, high and low, etc. A useful tool for any artist. And wax rubbings can be color, black and white, etc.

I learned that while so many stone walls are considered Art in this area, they are indeed interesting to view, analyze and study. I always knew the color in stone was varied but the depth of color is very interesting.

I learned a couple of new needlepoint stitches. I learned that I should not sign up for classes unless I have no obstacles in my life (carpal tunnel surgery, moving to a new home, too much snow to find a stone wall, etc). On the other hand, obstacles can sometimes make me focus.

Lastly, I think the layout and materials for this "course work" were terrific. I found great inspiration and fun looking at my tutor's blog and I will continue to follow Sian. Who knows, maybe I will meet her someday or take another course in the future.

Thank you for your patience, Sian. I will cherish your feedback. Best wishes to you!