Monday, March 31, 2014

New work!

While I was in Mexico I decided to draw on fabric with markers and pastels and see what happens.  I love this look.  I used one of my upcycled blouses which happens to be a nice summer linen blouse.  The look is great!  Machine washable.  Size small.  Email if you are interested.  It will be available during the Keene Art Tour, too.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Artist Residency in San Miguel, Mexico

I am just finishing the works I started while at the Simple Choice Farm in San Miguel, Mexico.  I spent 9 lovely days there, exploring various mediums, doing some plein air watercolors and seeing the sights for photography.  It is an artistic city! The weather was perfect.  The sights inspiring.  This little house was mine for the 9 days.  It was fully furnished and quite spacious.  Spring was just arriving there.  The flowers were just beginning to pop.

Here are a few photos of the sketchbook I did.  All of the photos which are in the sketchbook were printed using the DASS digital image transfer which gives them an interesting look.
Digital Image Transfer

Watercolor Plein Air

This is the cover of the sketchbook.  Recycled trash bags!