Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is host to the fashion of Jean Paul Gaultier.  If you have an opportunity to see it, run, do not walk.  This show started at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and will be traveling beyond Brooklyn.

The show is fabulous.  Any artist would adore this inspiration!  Many of the mannequins have animated faces and actually speak.  It is a little weird to be winked at by a mannequin!

 The techniques and materials for the couture range from fabric to ribbon to beads to crochet to feathers, etc.
His trademark,of course, are his pointy boobs!
 This "lady" was next to me in the museum.  He dressed for the occasion, wouldn't you say?
Some of this exhibit included menswear!  I chose to buy the book.  The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier. There are so many fabulous photos and so much inspiration in the book.

Prior to going to Brooklyn, I went to the FIT Museum to the exhibit about Queer Fashion. This dress is by Versace.  While it was relatively small, it was well worth my time.  FIT never disappoints.
And so, on this snowy very cold day, I off to create!  The inspiration is overwhelming.