Saturday, October 4, 2014

Eco Printing Paper - Just the beginning

After much experimenting and several steam baths, these are the handmade papers printed from my favorite leaves.

The leaves are from the sugar maple trees. They print on silk really well.  Not so well on paper.  I had to brush alum mordant on the paper twice before stacking them into a bundle.  The brown edges are from some wild mushroom growth I purchased a local farmers market.  It dyed silk very well but didn't keep its color on the paper. Good lessons to be learned.

This print is ok.  I printed this one twice.  It is obvious by looking at it.

What I didn't photograph are the papers which printed some live eucalyptus leaves which I found at a local florist.  Those prints were very pastel and the leaf print is boring - no detail.

Now, what else to do with these. I have been thinking about it all day!