Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beautiful Fall Colors

It is very fall like here in Northern New England!  As the leaves turn, there will be less and less vegetation available for eco printing and dyeing.  The Sugar Maples are wonderful for Eco Printing and I am fortunate in that my neighbor has this beautiful tree right next to my driveway!

I really don't like to clean up the leaves but look at this pile of color!  I will scoop them up!Today I will create some silk printed blouses to post here on my blog.  Right now, they are soaking in an alum mordant solution.  I will also be walking around Keene today so that I can harvest some rhubarb leaves, purple petunias, marigolds, etc.  All of these will yield some interesting results.  I already have my purple cabbage, blackberries and carrots.  No wonder my refrigerator is so full! 

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