Saturday, January 24, 2015

A gauze scarf

What to do on a cold snowy day in January?  I have several silk gauze scarves.  I dyed them but they lacked body and interest.
Here is the scarf - very delicate to say the least.

   I had an idea!  What if I put this scarf between two pieces dissolve able paper known to me as Solvy.  I then put some dyed silk hankies on it and silk roving - on both sides.  And I pinned it all together.

Two days ago I decided to start stitching it.  I spent more than two days stitching it.  I thought I might run out of thread but I had just enough.  I used two different colors thread.  I knew that all the threads had to touch or it would fall apart when the Solvy was dissolved.  This took hours upon hours!

 Completed Machine Stitched with Solvy

Today I rinsed out the Solvy.  I love it.  It has a lot of texture and interest.  In the bottom photo, the silk hankies are visible, whereas the top photo has just the silk roving in different colors.  The edges are mostly the gauze scarf.   Available!  

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