Sunday, January 30, 2011

Distant Stitch

Welcome to my world! I decided to be a student at Distant Stitch ( This has been a dream for a while. Ready, set go - right? Nope, life got in the way.

First of all, the house hunting thing continues on. We found a wonderful house, spent days looking and bidding. Time, time and more time and still nothing is resolved. House bidding didn't go well. Need to move on to create art.

In the midst of this, it snows almost every day lately. The snow is above my waist. My assignment is to find a stone wall for the inspiration for my assigned piece of art. I live in the Granite State - stone wall, you might ask? We have thousants and each is unique. Try to find one under the snow! Walla! I walked on my icy driveway only to find a small section of a stone wall supporting my house. It was baring itself. Quick, photograph it! I did! It is still bare, for now. More storms are in the forecast!

While I planned and read about my class, my family decided to involve me in my parent's 70th wedding anniversary party in April. Run, Terri, run! I can't run fast enough but at least I got the smallest assignment: ordering an ice cream cake!

Now for now. Yes I am packing because I have to move. No choice in this one. Yes, I am creating textile art because I am vending at a quilt show in March which is just around the corner. and Yes, I will do the Foundation Module for the Distant Stitch workshop because I WANT TOO!

Here is what the snow looked like before yesterday when we added another foot to it.

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  1. we have a small stone wall around our patio. the best stone wall's I've ever seen were in Ireland.
    Good inspiration for an art quilt!