Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hand dyed skirt!


I did a gradation of black dye panels and that sat here as I pondered.  Finally I decided to stitch them together as a gradated set of black dyes.  There are some additional colors and patches as 2 yards of fabric isn't enough for length!  This photo is the medium values of the gradation.  The black dyes do not really dye a dark black which is fine by me.  They are a blue black.

Here are two other views:

Notice how the side seam brings the lightest and darkest colors together!
The skirt is a circular one. Perfect for summer!

Interested?  Send me your waist, hip and length and I will make you one!  $125.00 and you will have it in just three weeks to wear.  If you want to sew the fabrics yourself or just want to purchase the 8 panels (each is 8 to 9" wide by 45"), that would be $50.00.  Shipping included!

Next up, a blue one and a green one.  How I love green!

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