Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Organza Room Dividers

When the last curtains died (they shrunk and looked terrible) I decided to make some room  dividers that would give us more light and allow the heat and AC flow across the room.  I purchased some inexpensive organza and washed it.  I am pretty sure it is polyester.

Because a section of these dividers had to have some privacy I dug out old maps.  Before I did anything I used a cheap hardware store brush and thinned the gesso with water. I then applied the thinned gesso to both sides of the maps.  I used 2 or 3 maps for each 4" section of the dividers.
After that dried I applied a thin coat of raw sienna, also thinned with water. 

I wanted a little more decoration so I found some old stamps I created.  On each side of the map, but off to one side, I stamped this rose pattern.  Note the imperfections  (The blue is the map).
Next I laid out the organza and put the maps where I wanted them. I used Golden Matte Medium and my old paint brush and started applying the Matte Medium.  Two coats all over the map and organza.  When it was dry - overnight - I folded the organza 
at the top so my curtain was 7" top to bottom and 4" wide and applied 2 coats of Matte Medium on each side, being sure that the maps were covered completely.  The Matte Medium sealed the maps in place.
After it dried for two days, I hung it on the curtain rod which has clips.  If it is uneven at the bottom,I just trimmed it off.  There is some flexibility. They will not fold back the way a curtain will. But they will slide and bend a little.The dog walks "through" it all the time. 
The light shines through.  The heat and AC go through it.  And we can have guests and our bed is hidden!


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